In a Sacred Temple
The Wisdom is being re-created
It didn’t exist in this form before
But will soon become necessary
Today only a few own it
They have the power to seal it
They have the power to transmit it
Tomorrow the chosen ones will become thousands


Hand drawn amulets created for the community. Interact with them to write your own story which will later be published in a book. As a plus, they will surely bring good luck to your wallet.

8.888 in total

77 for marketing

Max of 6 pcs/wallet

0.05 eth each

Becoming part of history as a blockchain writer

  • Access to a closed community
  • Closed chat dedicated to the book creation
  • First published copies of the book
How to buy beginners guide
Art drawing
We have created amazing recognizable NFTs as well as rarities for collectors.
Smart contract dev
The SC will make it possible to write articles in the blockchain. We are ready to deploy it as soon as the community would have grown enough.
Community growth
We believe that the blockchain isn’t just about technology: it is also about people. We believe that no project can succeed without a community, and our main goal is to create one.
Book creation platform dev 4Q2021
We are now working on a user friendly interface that will help You interact with your Tokens
As soon as the community grows enough to create the first blockchain-based book, we will start
Book creating
We will be glad to read our holders story. Every thought matters to us. Each of them will be read and carefully preserved in the blockchain.
Book publication
After the community’s votes for the best articles, the printed book will be released and delivered to all the holders. It will be available on the open market only after that.
Feel free to write Your thoughts in Your token
Characters you can add on the website. The text is then saved in the token
Articles from the tokens are directly added to the book on the website. The sequence is automatically determined
Enteries will be chosen by holders community. The book gets published after editors work.